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Commercial Driver Cell Phone Ban

One of the most important business decisions for 2012 is providing the right tools to protect your drivers, the public and your insurance and business liability. Use of cellular telephones may jeopardize your company operations and increase your business liability risks. Below is an overview of the hand-held cellular phone and texting restrictions implemented across the country. Local restrictions and penalties may be different in your community. We encourage you to review the impact this will have on your business and organization. We can help you evaluate the impact of wireless communications for your company and provide you a reliable, compliant and affordable radio solution for your business.

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Motorola Announces New Promotion

April 29 – August 23, 2013

Regardless of the market, businesses are looking for ways to improve efficiencies, increase quality and reduce budgets. Now is an excellent time for you to connect with your team to improve communication efficiencies and cash in on the rewards of purchasing two-way radios.

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Nextel Is Shutting Down June 30th

Nextel is shutting down their IDEN Push-To-Talk system June 30th. Find out about alternative communication solutions in the Baltimore / Washington D.C. area.

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